Offering cost-effective ways to reduce traffic congestion in Honolulu

These videos are short, one-minute or so, clips generated by the VISSIM micro simulation program for Oahu developed by Dr. Panos Prevedouros and his students. For a complete description of the benefits of underpasses in general and these five underpasses in particular are contained in Transportation Alternatives Analysis for Mitigating Traffic Congestion between Leeward Oahu and Honolulu: A Detailed Microsimulation Study. Directed by Professor Panos D. Prevedouros with the Participation of Undergraduate and Graduate Students Specializing in Transportation Studies. (Page 57 of 122)


Vineyard & Punchbowl:

Thebefore (shown below) is that of traffic as it is today and the after (shown below)is after the installation of two single-lane underpasses on Vineyard Boulevard, one is going in the Diamond Head direction and the other flows opposite in the Ewa direction.